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The OUT Scholarship is sponsored in partnership with eight companies that share a collaborative vision, including JC. Architecture & Design, Dumas Design, Envision Engineering Consultants, Shinde Development Construction, Chen Interior, Ally Logistic Republic, Yangger Artists, J&NINA, and AXILE Machine. We know that summoning the courage to travel is a big step, but we want to do our best support to those students who are eager to experience, discover and learn from this amazing world! To let young people's dreams come true by funding 100,000 NTD for each student, giving them the opportunity to travel and observe the world from a young perspective, widen their horizons, absorb wisdom, enrich life experiences, and embrace an internationalized viewpoint to help inspire design works in the future.

OUT Scholarship創立於2015年,由柏成設計 JC. Architecture & Design, 大塊設計 Dumas Design, 築遠工程顧問 Envision Engineering Consultants, 信德開發建設 Shinde Development Construction, 永聯物流開發 Ally Logistic Property, 楊格室內建築設計公司 Yangger Artists, 捷恩尼納 J&NINA, 達佛羅 AXILE Machine 等公司組成。他們幫助台灣設計系相關大學生,提供旅遊獎學金 10 萬元臺幣與招集許多專業設計背景老師的教導,集合所有力量及資源,帶領台灣學生出國旅遊並帶回更多啟發性的旅遊分享會。穿梭、觀察不同國家的夢想,終於有機會成真!

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JC. Architecture & Design

柏成設計集結世界各地充滿幻想及熱情的夥伴,承襲 studio think tank的概念,重視實驗精神,將創意實踐於住宅、商業空間、公共建築、行旅,甚至挑戰火車、輪船、家具及展覽等,合作對象遍及不同國家與產業,其中:鳴日廚房、不只是圖書館、Bloom椅子、北美館藝術商店與JC生活實驗所等作品,更屢獲許多國際知名設計獎項,如WAF/INSIDE世界建築/室內設計獎、日本Good Design、台灣金點獎、台灣室內設計大獎、德國紅點、國家卓越建設獎、IFI GAP 等。

JC. Architecture & Design is a multidisciplinary design firm whose projects include architecture, interior, industrial, visual design, transportation, and furniture design based in New York and Taiwan, collaborating with clients from various industries such as hospitality and government sectors.

We implement the design in every aspect of our work. With the combination of great minds among different disciplines and the always fun and passionate staff, JC. Architecture & Design aims to create a new sense of identity and character for the world to inhabit in.

Dumas Design






Dumas design is a group of highly professional design team specializing in interior design, space planning and project management for residential, commercial and corporate office projects.

We expect life displayed in an aesthetics way. Meaning interior design not only can satisfy our sense of beauty, it also portrays one’s attitude and respect toward life.We provide a range of service delivery to meet the unique requirements of each individual and corporation. Tuned to your specifications,

we offer our clients a full range of Interior Design Services including : Design consultations, 

Space Planning, Lighting Plans,Collocation of material,Furniture Selections and Detail design of owner’s personal style and image.

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Envision Engineering Consultants

築遠工程顧問有限公司視結構設計為藝術(State of Art)。

在每個個案中,發掘新的關聯及構想;安全只是最基本的要求,更堅持所有的設計都有其道理(Make Sense)。


更獲得國外組織SEAOC及SEAONC excellence in Structural Engineering Awards 的獎項並入圍英國the institution of structural engineers structural awards。




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SHINDE Development Construction






Ally Logistic Property

「永聯物流開發Ally Logistic Property」為由『霖園集團』投資成立的台灣第一家專業物流地產開發公司,提供可持續發展高標準之現代化物流設施。物流共和國是獲獎的倉儲物流解決方案,提供最具效率的高標準倉儲且經由物流產業的上下游與客戶的群聚效應降低運輸需求,進而提高物流營運效率。

永聯物流開發與客戶群緊密合作,持續替台灣的的物流產業注入創新的能量! 大規模開發佈點全台灣主要城市之物流園區,為製造商、零售商、電子商務企業和第三方物流公司提供物流倉儲解決方案。


Ally Logistic Property (ALP) is the first professional logistic property developer in Taiwan. We are backed by the vast financial resources of Linyuan Group and provide sustainable modern logistic facilities which conform to the highest international standards. Logistic Republic, our award-winning warehouse solution, maximizes operational efficiency and minimizes transportation needs by co-locating all players of the logistics service industry together with their clients.

With ambitious expansion plans and cooperating closely with our customers, ALP continues to drive innovation in the Taiwanese logistics sector and to expand its presence by developing new logistic parks across Taiwan’s major cities, allowing us to service manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce businesses and third-party logistic service providers.

楊格設計定案LOGO black.png
Yangger Design


2016年我們決定正式進入大陸市場,在無錫成立營運部,為讓服務範圍更加完整將整體家居模式帶入Yangger artists。


作品,設計的最高宗旨是回歸生活、回歸自然。而Yangger artists也會堅守奮進的精神主動地把握機會、迎接挑戰。

Yangger Artists was founded in 1990 in Taichung City, the Taipei office began in 2007 for the business of northern Taiwan.

To distinguish on the professional power of the Yangger group, the director often organizes and makes training courses for employees, the company also offers many benefits for family members.

In 2012 the new headquarters of Taichung was founded and renovated by an abandoned building, after the reconstruction it became a symbol of Yangger, means hope and overcoming, correspond our vanguard which is to hold on for the future and have hope the next day, then we improve ourselves, we use this concept of the soul to create the inspiration for our design and way of doing.

In 2016 we decided to move forward to the great China, the headquarters is based in Wuxi in Jiangsu China region,

so we can arrange our full service throughout Asia.

In the past almost thirty years, we have made many great successes, both in the residential, official, associative, accessibility, general design, reconstruction and Sick-building.

For us, the fundamental goal of design is that it takes back the original nature together with human life,

we hold our hard energy to proceed the way and face any obstacles.


品牌創始人戴澤康先生與郭珮玲 (PESDIN KUO) 女士,以一雙兒女 JAMES 與 NINA 為名,於西元 1999 年在臺灣成立高端女裝時尚品牌「J&NINA」,並於 2004 年在法國巴黎註冊,同年正式在深圳招開品牌記者會,設立大陸總公司,並將 J&NINA 品牌拓展至臺灣、大陸與香港等市場。

J&NINA 品牌母公司「紡鐸國際開發有限公司」創立於 1989 年,品牌成立之初,主職男裝進口品牌與臺灣本地高端品牌之毛衣、針織衫以及針織布料的接單、設計與生產,幾年之間涉及範疇便擴大至童裝和女裝,於 1996 年轉型全面投入女裝毛衣設計,但凡當時臺灣知名品牌的毛衣針織產品,泰半均曾委託設計生產;因成品質感兼具,又擁有獨到的針織技術原創性,紛受媒體讚譽,遂於 1999 年正式以「J&NINA」成立為高端時尚品牌問市。

The name of “J&NINA” was named after the founders Mr. Ze-Kang, Dai and Ms. Pesdin (Pei-Ling), Kuo’s children – James and Nina. J&NINA was established in 1999 under the parent company of “Textile International Development Co., Ltd,” aiming to provide the high-end quality of women’ fashion. In 2004, J&NINA successfully registered in Paris, France. In the same year, J&NINA held a press conference in Shenzhen, China, where the headquarters was established, and expanded its market to Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

The parent company – Textile International Development Co. Ltd was founded in 1989. At the starting phase, the company focused on importing formal menswear and local knitwear. In addition, it also took orders, designed and produced clothes made with knit fabrics. Within few years, the group expanded its market into womenswear and children’s wear. With the expansion of the business volume, the brand transformed itself into the full design and produced womenswear in 1996 and was outsourced to design and produce by most of the famous knitwear brand at that time. Due to its selected quality, fashion design, and the original technique of knitting, “J&NINA” has been honored as “The Godfather of knitwear in Taiwan” by local media. Therefore, in 1999, the development history of J&NINA brought them into the next chapter in the high-end fashion industry.


AXILE 提供智能自動化解決方案,為複雜零組件製造商設計和製造:敏捷的智能五軸立式加工中心機。整合敏捷性、數位智能自動化以及全新的五軸加工機,AXILE創造了敏捷智能加工技術,讓製造商們更能迎合未來的時代!


AXILE的專業團隊將超高金屬去除率、高精確度和 24/7 全天候自動化加工及可靠度,完美整合到每台 AXILE 五軸聯動工具機中。

突破性的設計理念和先進的專有技術服務為航太、模具、醫療和一般加工產線等應用,提供客戶優質的服務。AXILE技術服務範圍,遍布近 50 個國家。

在亞洲、歐洲和美洲擁有 70 多個經銷商,並於克羅埃西亞及加拿大設有技術服務中心。

AXILE designs and builds agile smart 5-axis VMCs with leading automation solutions for manufacturers of complex parts and components.
“ We believe manufacturers shouldn’t have to choose between high-speed and high-performance 5-axis machines.”
By combining sheer agility, digitalized intelligent automation, and a new standard of 5-axis machining, we’ve created an all-new approach: Agile Smart Machining.

In short, our dedicated team of industry experts brings together ultra-high removal rates, pinpoint precision, and 24/7 production reliability within each and every AXILE 5-axis machine.

Our breakthrough design concepts and advanced proprietary technologies serve highly sophisticated manufacturers of complex parts and components for applications in aerospace, die and mold, medical, and general job shop, among others.

The AXILE service and support network spans nearly 50 countries, with more than 70 distributors across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and a service center in Croatia.

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