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Developing the young talent of Taiwan.

At its core, OUT Scholarship's mission is to support not only Taiwanese students but also international students, who are currently majoring in architecture, interior, structure, and urban development at university. Allowing everyone to travel, as a means of better understanding the world and people from different cultures.

OUT Scholarship第一次發起於2015年。
OUT Scholarship致力於幫助台灣的建築相關設計系學生們,提供旅遊獎學金與專業建築背景老師等教導,集合所有力量及資源,帶領台灣學生出國旅遊並帶回更多啟發性的旅遊分享演講會。



建築大師安藤忠雄當拳擊手時,在旅遊中燃起了對建築的熱情。OUT Scholarship以此為發想,將提供新台幣10萬元旅遊獎學金,給台灣建築、室內、土木/營建工程大學生。OUT Scholarship深信出國旅行對一個人的幫助,不單單只是開闊眼界,甚至可以改變一個人的人生。一同參與 OUT Scholarship的台灣大學生如同我們伸出去的雙手,出國旅遊能夠使他們跳脫視野、拓展信息池。當台灣學生出國後看見許多問題若相同地發生在國外時,他們是如何面對與解決,這會激發學生們有無限的想法、提升思考邏輯,OUT Scholarship欲讓台灣大學生跳脫出時常安於現狀、接受既定的結果卻不嘗試改變的被動心態。設計與思考常常來自於改變世界的力量,我們期望他們出國展開旅行後心情與看法上能轉而欲積極改變現有的狀況,有一顆讓世界變得更好的野心。


The OUT Scholarship is sponsored in partnership with seven companies, JC. Architecture & Design, Dumas Design, Envision Engineering Consultants, Ally Logistic Property, Yangger Artist, J&NINIA, and AXILE who share a collaborative vision. We know that summoning the courage to travel is a big step, but we want to do our best support to those students who are eager to experience, discover and learn from this amazing world! To let young people's dreams come true by funding 100,000 NTD for each student, giving them the opportunity to travel and observe the world from a young perspective, widen their horizons, absorb wisdom, enrich life experiences, and embrace an internationalised viewpoint to help inspire design works in the future.

OUT Scholarship創立於2015年,由JC. Architecture & Design柏成設計、Dumas大塊設計、Envision Engineering Consultants築遠工程

顧問、Shinde Development Construction信德開發建設、Chen Interior 晨室空間設計、Ally Logistic Property 永聯物流開發所與 Yangger Artists 楊格設計七家有共同目標遠見的設計公司與組成。他們幫助台灣設計相關系大學生,各提供旅遊獎學金10萬元臺幣與招集許多專業設計背景老師的教導,集合所有力量及資源,帶領台灣學生出國旅遊並帶回更多啟發性的旅遊分享會。穿梭、觀察不同國家的夢想,終於有機會成真!

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