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中原大學 室內設計系

Art is for everyone

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In fact, I spent most of my journey in museums mainly observing children and the elderly. In terms of soft feedback, I realized some of these exhibitions were different from those in Taiwan, for example, no matter how old the audiences were, they would be used to writing their feelings down at the end of the exhibitions. Looking back on Taiwan, people tended to learn from most of the exhibitions by themselves, after all, sometimes what they were more concerned about was others' views on public messages or the fear of being different from others, etc.. However, I found out that this was a huge difference in thinking. Here, if expressing your ideas was highly encouraged, it would also be reflected in the behaviours of watching exhibitions. Comparing with those in Taiwan, I felt that there were more interactive designs in the exhibitions, and people’s enthusiastic responses further increased the levels of each exhibition.

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